Black Label

There are few places as cool as the North American Handmade Bike Show. The community, innovation, creativity and passion on display there are perhaps matched, but never surpassed in any market or industry in the world. We set out to capture the substantive benefits available in the handmade bicycle scene – the differences in the bike that affect you as a rider and affect your riding experience, but at a dramatically more approachable price point. The result is our Black Label series of frames - Handmade by some of the finest craftsman in the industry with top notch materials. 

Whether or not you’ll find Vassago on the NAHBS floor in the future has yet to be determined. But far more important to us is that we will always offer bikes like our Black Label series: Blazing fast, super-fun, well made in the US-of-A, and available to the rider for a price that is often less than half that of comparable bikes from most of the artisans in the handmade scene.

We offer several different made in the USA Black Label bikes, and can help you create your dream machine!

Our Titanium Black label frames are made to order, one at a time, to your specifications. The cost and standard features on the frames are unparalleled in the USA Handmade bike scene!

  • Optimus Ti Black Label - 29er or 29+
  • Radimus Ti Black Label - 27.5+ or 29er
  • Frostimus Ti Black label - Fatbike
  • TKO Black label - Gravel grinding, all road, do it all machine
  • Blasphemy Road - We can even build you a ti road frame... just ask!
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Our Steel Black label frames are made in small production runs and use the finest materials the good ol' USA has to offer. The steel black label frames feature True temper tubing, paragon machine works parts, and stunning powdercoat finishes.

What does the future hold for the Black Label Series?

It's secret for now - we don't want to let the cat out of the bag until we have the final models complete and AVAILABLE! Let's just say the upcoming models will be every bit as drool worthy and exciting as the current frames.

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