We have taken the Vassago VerHauen to the next level for the newest iteration and it is by far the best! We have returned to our roots with a 100% made in the USA steel frame built for ripping up and down the trails. For the newest version we have moved production in-house - allowing us to make ongoing changes and improvements, but more importantly increasing the quality and bad-assness of the frames!

All materials are the best of the best USA produced steel and stainless steel. The Vari-Wall THERMLX tubeset is completely made in the USA as is all the Paragon Machine works parts. Top notch, high end steel parts that are typically only seen on $2500+ custom steel frames. 



Frame Material       VARI-Wall ThermLX heat treated air hardened

Wheel and Tire

29er up to 2.8"
Rear Spacing 148x12 boost through axle
Suspension fork 120-140mm 
Rigid Fork 500mm
Headset44mm headtube for tapered or straight steerer forks
Seatpost and Clamp31.6mm seatpost and 34.9mm clamp
Bottom Bracket73mm BSA Threaded (no creaky press in stuff here!)
Drivetrainsinglespeed or 1x/2x/3x compatable
Front Derailleur 34.9 clamp, direct mount top pull
Brake MountPost Mount 160mm rear
Rear Dropouts
Sliding rear dropout with integrated brake mount
Cable RoutingInternal Dropper, externalbrake and shifter
Other 3 Bottle mounts (external seatube mount to allow droppers!)


The VerHauen is constantly being refined from generation to generation - and this version is no exception. The frame straddles the line between full on XC race bike and "Enduro-bro" shredder. The VerHauen climbs as well as it descends making all day adventures super fun. The versatility of the frame allows you to build it up how you want... rigid, singlespeed, geared, etc.


Starting at $1299

Starting at $2299

Starting at $1999


We get asked a ton of questions about the VerHauens because there is nothing else like it... so here goes...

I want to a custom VerHauen - how long will that take? - Sorry, at this time we are not offering custom frames!

How much does a VerHauen frame/bike weigh? Honestly, they weigh as much as they need to ensure a great riding and reliable bike - with the features you want. You can build a sub 20lb SS or a 29 pound trail bruiser with rowdy tires on the same frame. Weight (within a 1/10 of a pound) - small 4.7, medium 5.0 and large 5.2

When will the bikes be in stock? These are being made in house, in small batches. Frames will be available every 30-45 days in different sizes

I want a custom color - stock color is gloss black  because that is what color all bikes should be. We have about 30 different decal colors to match your favorite parts. If you want a different color there may be additional lead time and cost

I would like a Patina or Clear frame - Sorry, we no longer offer the patina finish, or clear coated/translucent raw finishes.

Whats with the seatube bottle boss nut? The top bottle mount on all frames is an external stud for an M5x8 nut. This is used to allow the seatpost to insert further into the frame for dropper or long seatposts. Thanks Paragon Machine Works for these awesome parts

Why are VerHauens so freaking bad ass? Well, they are made in the USA with the best USA materials available, by people that actually ride bikes. If something sucks, we change it and make it better. New trend - we test it out to see if it is marketing or the real deal.

I want a complete bike! Heck yeah.. we can hook you up with a baller complete bike at a great cost! Completes start at $2000 and go up from there. It is much more cost effective to buy a complete or partial build then piecing together. We will work with you throughout the process... just contact us

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